Making our platform better is our main priority and little by little we are making addition and changes to reach our goal into making Veerlon every day better.

You can now have two reminders

Now you can choose from 7 different options of times to send out the reminders. The options are 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours and 1 week before the appointment.

Reminders can be customized

You can use the following tags to create a more customized message to each client.

Use our pre-defined shortcut for appointment information:
*|CNAME|* for client name
*|APPTTIME|* for appt time and date
*|COMPANY|* the name of your company/salon/spa
*|STAFF|* the name of the staff the client booked with

Example: Hi *|CNAME|*, this is a reminder about your appointment on *|APPTTIME|* at *|COMPANY|* with *|STAFF|*. cancel appointment at least 24 before.

You can see how to set it up in this video

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Taly is a wife, mom of a little girl, graphic & web designer and the co-founder of Veerlon, who enjoys helping people, sports and spending time with her family. Before Veerlon Taly was a graphic and web designer with over 8 years in the industry.
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