Applications to improve your salon.

Managing a beauty salon all by yourself or even with a little help on the side can be one daunting task. In fact, handling ANY business can be a nightmare. But with the advancements in technology and how we have grown in the technical sector, everything has been made more easy, accessible, and unconventional.

Having a mobile app (or even being online) has it’s obvious perks – it can help you get your hands on more customers as you are out there exposed, book more appointments since your salon is easily accessible, and hence boost revenues. For nearly all businesses, a mobile application is a wonderful, innovative way to connect with customers and open new marketing channels.

Be seen.

There are a lot of apps you can use for photography so that potential customers can see your work and be tempted into visiting you!

  • VscoCam – VSCO Cam is an iPhone & iPod Touch camera app with stylish, minimal processing options. It helps you shoot, sync and edit photographs.

Be explored.

To add attention-grabbing content to your pictures to improve the effect you can utilize apps like

  • OVER – This fantastic app is extremely easy to use and gives you variety of different art shapes and amazing fonts to make your photos even better! With exclusive, one of a kind fonts, unique artwork, precision editing, outstanding resolution, this is your best bet! It is very thumb friendly and so, you will get hooked.

Get easy access.

What good is a business if its customers can’t reach out to it? Easy access is key to running a successful business.

  • Veerlon – Veerlon allows your customers to make appointments online while you can confirm them online too! Veerlon is the ultimate online application for beauty professionals – it gives them freedom to market, make bookings online, and maintain an online store and so much more! You can learn more about all of our features here.

Show off.

Get your hands on more customers! Until and unless you are out there to be found, your business won’t sell.

  • Periscope – This mobile app allows you to broadcast live video to the world. Going live with what you have to offer will instantly notify your followers, who can join, leave comments and send you hearts in real time, to show their appreciation. The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen. And Voila!

Besides these, SnapChat, Instagram and other social networking websites can help you a great deal. These days, 90% of the public is online, nothing will help you gain popularity like going online will. And it is as easy as 1, 2, 3! All you need is a laptop/computer, a constant connection to the internet and a dedicated individual who is willing to spend most of their time sitting behind the screen going on and on  about how awesome your business is!


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