Have you ever tried taking one of those before-and-after pictures where you take one portrait shot in a messed up hair-do and the other in a pretty neat hair up-do?  Those look great, don’t they? It’s like a perfect way to let the audience know of the magic you as a beauty professional can do when it comes to transforming someone’s look! If you haven’t been expert at this, let us guide you through the tips to take before-and-after pictures and how they can be used in your favor.

Taking individual shots

There are some healthy tips that you can use to take the best before-and-after pictures.

  1. To start with, find a clutter free background. A plain colored wall, a light color preferably, are the best pick! Make sure you have no stains, irrelevant items, shadows or distracting features appearing in the background of the picture.
  2. Next, choose a nice camera. It’s not necessary to have the highest resolution with so and so megapixels cameras. A nice camera or even your own personal phone with good results can do as long as zooming in does not make the pixels in your picture look like bee-hives. To be frank, our personal phone cameras can be our best picks in such situations.
  3. Take a portrait shot! This is as important as what camera you use. A good before-and-after picture will usually be what visibly shows what you’re trying to highlight. For instance, if it’s the hair-do, simply take a frame of your model’s shoulder width covering the head only, so the hair-do is prominent in the picture.
  4. Choose the right amount of exposure! Something you might need to take care of is that there isn’t any excessive light, no flashes, and no dark rooms either! Natural light or yellow lamps hanging on the right angle are your best pick to avoid unnecessary shadows and highlights.


Putting them together in a collage

When you have your individual shots of before and after pictures, you can put them together to form one picture using any online software. Photo Grid, Autodesk Pixlr, Photo Mix are examples of such a software that can easily make a collage for you in a matter of seconds. While making a collage, try not to use too many artistic filters, fancy borders, overlays or stickers. Keep in mind, ‘less is more’. The more original the picture, the better it may look. Save your collage in the highest available resolution to be used later.


Using Social Media to your benefit

Social media has done wonders in today’s world! You can actually use your Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram account and Pinterest to gather a huge audience for your work and market in the best way possible. In case, you are already doing that, start uploading your before-and-after pictures with catchy captions to your various social media accounts so people would actually know how you are capable of transforming your clients.


You can manage your audience, collect feedback and take suggestions, all by using these little tips. Happy Beautifying!

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